Gone but not forgotton.

Dedicated to the students, faculty and staff who have passed away.

They are gone from this earth, but still in our memories.

Charles Billings
Marian Bowman
Florencetta Briscoe
Jim Britt
Katherine (Kat) Brown
Sandra Brown
Clara Bynum
Geneva Cochran
Nancy Craig
Gayle Ecton
Raymond Floyd
David Freeman
Marvin Gold
Anita House
George Hughes
Larry Johnson
Davy Jones
Ruby Minnis
Ida Montgomery
Client Pipkin
Daisy Pipkin
Robert Polsgrove
Wilbur Price
Danny Scott

Melvin Sears
Aaron (AJ) Smith
Karen Smith
Sharon Stack
Michael Jon Stadther
William Stokes
William Tisdale
Joan Vobbe
Susan Wabnitz Gedney
Gary Ware
Herman Young

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